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Beltempo is a Company founded in 2004. Since the starts the main leading idea was to establish a difference between the outdoor manufacturers.

The Company has understood the importance of being flexible in terms of small and big contracts and to respond to the demand of the market quickly. The lead is to give quality* products in a very attractive Design.

We have created hundreds of original pieces.

Due to the complexity of our collection and the good finish we have a small production. Nevertheless thanks to our contracts of pieces and parts abroad we can deliver big projects too.

We are also soon offering to work with us with a Franchising contract for very high end furniture boutique of no more then 300 square meters in attractive spots of the world.


Beltempo is part of a group of Companies hold by a family Capital. The family is on the furniture Market since 1870 when it started in Rome in the Galleria Sangiorgi at palazzo Borghese, then one hundred years after it became Domus Aurea s.a in Italy, and migrated to South America for a bigger developing market.

Beltempo are European masterpieces of the new global world.

The Philosophy

Beltempo is more than just a company, it is sunshine, a wave. Our pieces of furniture will bring nature into your house and design into your garden. Beltempo´s collection will look good either on a tropical beach or in a european winter garden, it will always bring a sense of balance, an important concept, often forgotten nowadays.

Beltempo has created a complete collection. There are more than a hundred designs ranging from sofas to barbecues, umbrellas to loungers, all in one single collection. The Beltempo collection is extremely light, a combination of empty space and solid suspended volumes, real stainless steel tension structures. Destined to become classics of the future, our designs combine XXI century technology with classical proportions. Beltempo´s collection does not follow the trend of the day, because our designer Marco Sangiorgi, projects the objects in a timeless space, a future which is also a part of the past, creating a product which will accompany you gently like an old friend in the years to come.

Our world has taken a fast and dangerous highway, which consumes and destroys at incredible speed; Beltempo has decided to take an alternative path, a road that crosses streams and where one can find shelter under the shadow of a tree.

We firmly believe that radical and excessive use leads to total depletion of natural resources and that this is a path of no return. Our limited production is reserved to those people who think like us.

To accomplish this we needed to choose materials that will last. Beltempo has therefore decided to use resources conscientiously.

We believe in nature’s capacity to regenerate, and this is why, in thirty years time, when you’ll find your Beltempo furniture as beautiful as an old sailing boat, the tree that first generated it will have grown back to its original size. If you share this view with us, we hope you will become one of our satisfied clients, and while sitting in the sun, watching the blue sea, or sitting by a lake surrounded by conifers, you will be even happier, knowing that thanks to our joint effort, we have contributed to the beauty and preservation of our universe, in only in a infinitely small way.



Our Teak has been selected among the best Woods of the World. The botanical name is: Tectona Grandis Teak has a natural tight grain with thick fibers which mill evenly without chipping or splitting. This is also a result of the challenging environment in which it is grown often withstanding monsoons, droughts, high winds and more. To resist these environmental changes, the fibers of the Teak tree bend rather than break, making teak a highly desirable wood for use in difficult conditions. In fact, it has been used in shipbuilding for hundreds of years because it requires little, if any, maintenance and it has a natural non-skid surface with barely any raised grain.

Teak trees can grow as much as 40 meters (130 feet) tall and often live up to 100 years. The land on which Teak is grown has a high sand content that is absorbed into the body of the tree as it grows. Teak also contains oil in its heartwood that is water resistant and helps prevent attacks from decay, insects and bacteria. This oil also gives Teak its characteristic gleam even without oil or varnish.

Our premium Teak is pure heartwood from mature Teak trees grown under the FSC well managed plantations in Indonesia. Heartwood Teak provides an elegant piece with unique grain patterns and a beautiful rich color giving any area an immediate WOW factor. The high silica content in teak makes it an ideal wood to use when a slip resistant surface is needed and the natural oil makes the wood resistant to mold and mildew.


We have chosen for Beltempo product the maximum of quality. This means that we prioritize “spending time” on each piece instead of low price. Marketing view it can be considered a mistake when today products tent to be almost disposable, but for Beltempo buyers it is the guarantee that each piece has been done with an attention to detail that only craftsmen of the past used to have when preparing pieces for the kings. In terms of numbers with Us you buy much more for the price you are paying.

Starting from the wood* and to Stainless steel ( AISI 304) you will see the abundance of the materials. Our stainless tubes and plates are high thickness, and so are the woods, almost double of many other constructors. TIG Welding are controlled for high resistance, and are almost invisibles due to the quality of the finish achieved with high technology in abrasives, and a lot of skilled manpower.

Beltempo is a Company that decided to put aside national prides and take the best of each part of the world to achieve its goal. So starting from the Design* provided by a very talented Italian designer, the production is nowadays separated between South America in Peru, where Mining has created the best metal carpentry work of America, South Vietnam, Asia, where the furniture tradition has centuries of history, and Greater Sunda Islands Java in Indonesia where the finishing by hand of teak has created beautiful pieces.



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