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Marco Sangiorgi

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Marco Sangiorgi is an independent designer. Born in Rome. He studied in Paris where he obtained a degree in Archeology and an MBA of History of Art. His work goes from creating furniture, objects and lighting, to jewelry and fashion. Each piece of the whole Beltempo´s collection is designed by this artist concerned about ecological problems, nature conservation and a particular love for the sea. He loves sailing and hope to retire in a sailing boat one day.


He is also interested in Photography, Theather, animal wildlife, ecology, and tribal arts. He is a globetrotter and when he is not in his studio creating new things, we can find him in a Colombian market or driving a motorbike in a Chinese province, or as well as deep sea diving on a Thailand island. Cooking is one of his other passions.

He affirms that the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, has influenced him, not only because Da Vinci was deeply interested in nature from where it took many ideas for its inventions, but also for the Renaissance idea of the “Universal man” forged years before by Leon Battista Alberti, where the man was the center of universe, and so the well educated man could pass easily from one art to the other, from arquitecture, to painting or sculpture or music.

This designer follows any step of the prototypes, as he has very good technical preparation on machinery functions. So he studies any mechanism or detail on Beltempo furniture.



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